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Useful Information
Airport Information
Terminal maps, ground transportation and more..
Currency Converter
Current exchange rates and calculator
Festivals & Events
There's a reason to celebrate almost everything
Foreign Entry Requirements
What you need to get in and out of a foreign country (legally)
Increase your knowledge!
Health Information for Travelers
Geographical health recommendations from the Center for Disease Control
Living Language
Helpful travel terms in French, Italian, Spanish and German
Local Times Around the World
Take the mystery out of figuring out what time it is "over there"
Music Festivals
Details on more than 1500 music festivals in North America
Open Table
Make your dinner reservations before you leave.
Ski Reports
Snow conditions and resort information for North America
Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory
Guide to official tourism offices and visitor's bureaus
US Customs Service Information
What and how much can I bring back? Know before you go
US State Department Travel Warnings
Know which countries U.S. citizens should avoid, and why
World Factbook
Country profiles by the CIA
Worldwide City Guides
International city guides to bars, restaurants, shops and museums